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Heart and mind centred consultations

Aligning astrology with the human psyche in order to assist individuals on a personal and collective level.


My Approach

Founded on western astrology

Following an all-encompassing divinatory shamanic pathway towards spiritual illumination.

Influenced by creative and historical interests

I gain inspiration and insight from creation myths, sacred sites, medieval Middle Eastern philosophers, Arthurian legends, and the Arts.

Inspired by the natural world

Stargazing, walking in the countryside and a love of Earth’s creatures binds me to the generative power of Mother Nature and the Cosmos.

Delve deeper into the magic and mystery of the spiritual connection between humankind and the Cosmos

Axis Mundi consultations offer a space to explore and decipher symbolic imagery and spiritual forces at play in birth charts with the guidance of a knowledgeable and accredited astrologer; allowing individuals to recognise and connect with their inner fire and manifest their inherent traits.

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"Lindsay provides fresh insights and new perspectives"

"There is no shortage of astrologers, but to identify someone with a wealth of experience, perception and sensitivity is another matter. Lindsay Gladstone is a case in point. I found the way she charts the milestones and the astrological weather forecast for the following year particularly useful!" - Edi

Unlocking the symbolism and themes of astrology, so you can be true to yourself

My early teens sparked within me a sense of the Divine which, coupled with a burning passion for archaeology, led me to a lifetime search for a key that would help explain the mysteries of human civilization and its relationship to esoteric forces.

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